Cowboys: 4 Defensive Coordinator replacements if Dan Quinn leaves

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Cowboys Defensive Coordinator replacement No. 1: Indianapolis Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley

This option is truly dependent on what the Colts do in their head coaching search. While Jeff Saturday finished out the season, there’s no guarantee he goes into 2023 as their head guy. If they go a different direction, Gus Bradley may be available at a reasonable price.

Dan Quinn gets a lot of credit for have an attacking defense in Seattle and deservingly so. However, Gus was the actual creator of the legion of boom. In each of his coaching stints, he was an effective defensive coordinator.

This past season may have been the exception. The Colts had the pieces but not having Shaquille Leonard can wreck an entire outlook. There would be a transition as he runs more of a Cover 3 defense sprinkled with some man coverage. does a good job of analyzing his Raiders defense from a couple of years ago.

There’s no debating that the Cowboy’s defensive personnel is much more talented than both the Raiders of a year ago and the Colts this past season. Micah Parsons probably would have to move this his rightful position at middle linebacker and there would be a reduction in the nickel personnel, but it can be done. Gus may not be a fan favorite, but he could be what these players need.