Cowboys: 4 Defensive Coordinator replacements if Dan Quinn leaves

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Cowboys Defensive Coordinator replacement No. 2: Recently fired Head Coach Lovie Smith

 Before everyone rolls their eyes, this is the same defensive coordinator who had the Dallas Cowboys looking like junior varsity team during week 14. Keep in mind, this is not Lovie Smith the head coach but Lovie the defensive coordinator. Check his track record.

He helped develope the Tampa 2 defense years ago and helped the St. Louis Rams make it to another Super Bowl appearance. Okay, you’re probably thinking that is ancient news. If you are, I wouldn’t necessarily debate you there. If you are looking for a younger and more updated option, let’s keep reading. had an interesting stat that stood out for this Texans defense. Opposition interception thrown percentage was 3.07% which ranked number 5 in the NFL. If you watched that team any point this season, you would know how big that was for them. Give Lovie a chance – he can still get it done as a D-Coordinator.

Cowboys Defensive Coordinator replacement No. 3: Broncos’ defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero

 If Dan Quinn gets the Broncos’ job, that will effectively put Evero out of a job. Dan is probably going to be calling his own defense and he will more than likely bring in his own staff. This could be an almost perfect scenario for the Dallas Cowboys all things considered.

Numbers are not always going to tell the entire story, but it will definitely write a few pages. has the Broncos defensive unit ranked as 7th in opponents’ yards per game, 2nd in opponent’s 3rd down conversion, 6th in opponents’ touchdowns per game. All those stats were obtained even after trading your best defensive player (Bradley Chubb) mid-season.

The main hang up will be the defensive scheme. While he is a young innovative defensive mind, he runs the 3-4 defense. The Cowboys do not have the personnel to make that major switch in one off-season. It will entail revamping their entire defensive line to be suitable for that scheme. This may be more of a pipe dream, but considering the Cowboy’s defensive line, why not consider that revamp.