Dallas Cowboys Keys to Victory against the Bucs in the Playoffs

Dallas Cowboys Head coach Mike McCarthy (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys Head coach Mike McCarthy (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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The last time the Dallas Cowboys won a road playoff game was 30 years ago.

That playoff drought may not end soon. The tape does not lie. This 2022 team look very similar to the 2021 group that fell apart at the end of last season. The Dallas Cowboys cannot run the football on their terms. This trickles over into the pass protection. The defense isn’t strong enough in the trenches.

An offensive play caller with no designs of attack. The quarterback has not shown he can overcome this and steady the ship. Instead, he has become part of the problem and not the solution.

We hear the same post game speeches each week and the losses to inferior teams continue.

No one trusts this team. Why should they?

Three times this season Dallas has lost to inferior teams.

This is must win game for McCarthy and his staff.

This is the playoffs. There is no tomorrow if you cannot win. Your season is over.

In Dallas, expectations always run high for the Dallas Cowboys. Even if they aren’t realistic.

If the Dallas Cowboys lose on Monday. The ramifications will send shock waves throughout Texas. Coaches and players job security will be at stake. The call for massive changes will be heard on every platform, network and podcast.

A fan base already suffering from mental trauma will sink even further into self loathing. They have experienced enough heart break.

McCarthy has two years remaining on his current contract. Except that doesn’t matter. Because nobody knows what Jerry Jones will do.

If Dallas doesn’t win, Jones could do anything. Don’t forget, he fired a head coach who just won a second Super Bowl out of spite. He ran off another two-time Super Bowl winning coach.

This is the same Jerry Jones who hired Dave Campo as his head coach. Yes, that Dave Campo.

Let’s spotlight the keys to victory…