Dak Prescott makes a “Statement” for the Dallas Cowboys

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Ask around your community, work, online friends, whatever, and you will hear a lot of mixed reactions to the name “Dak Prescott.” Whether they are Dallas Cowboys fans or not, some will be positive, some will be neutral, and some will be negative.

One thing the neutral and negatives often say is that Dak “can’t win the playoffs” or “has never had that statement win”. Well, for those who still believe that, I present the playoff game against Tampa Bay. (

Also, wins are never a quarterback stat. Change that narrative, people

Dak was precise, he adjusted to what the defenses gave, made great throws, ran when he had to and was everything people wanted him to be that hadn’t seen it already. We could call it a “statement” if you would like. Either way, this game showed everyone that Dak is that quarterback and played to a level everyone loves to see.

Dak Prescott finally made his “statement” in the Tampa Bay game, will it be enough for the harshest critics for the Dallas Cowboys QB?

Now it certainly helped that Kellen Moore was a much better play-caller in this game and that the offensive line was not swiss cheese, without the cheese part. The running game was efficient, the receivers were on the same page in their reads, the defense played really well, and outside of some kicking issues, this was a complete win.

But in the end, Dak was great, as great as you would want from your quarterback, and as some will point out –  your highly paid quarterback.

Even when nothing was there, Dak was smart in throwing the ball away. He also scrambled for some huge gains and helped the Dallas Cowboys keep the chains moving. At 2:45 left in the third quarter, when the game was well in hand, Dak had a 143.1 rating and Tom Brady had a 43.1. This is just a wild stat when you think about it. It summed up what had been to that point of the game and the type of game Dak was playing.

When the fourth quarter started, the Dallas Cowboys offense started up again. Dak had a huge 3rd and 6 around half field, he adjusted the blocking, called the play against the blitz, and threw a dart to Michael Gallup for a first down on a slant. It was a microcosm of how he had played all night.

It was a statement that even the harshest critics of Dak had to appreciate. Oh, and on fourth down he saw CeeDee Lamb wide open for another touchdown, just to put the icing on the cake.

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Now, they head to San Francisco to take on the team that took them out of the playoffs last year. The 49ers have a healthier and more complete team than Tampa Bay had. However, we have seen what this team can be, and a statement was made.