Dallas Cowboys exorcised 4 demons – San Francisco is next

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The Dallas Cowboys overcame many of their demons on Monday night but they have one more waiting…

Dallas Cowboys fans have heard it all: Dallas can’t win in the postseason. They haven’t won on the road in 30 years. The Cowboys have never beaten “the Goat.” Grass!!!!!

Many of the hurdles mentioned over this past week have existed longer than the players themselves. And for as real as these “demons” feel to the fans, they don’t hold much weight in the locker room.

Even still, it was up to the players on the field and the coaches on the sideline to make things right. It was up to the team to exorcise the demons and lift a curse that has clouded the franchise for a generation.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Demon No. 1: Win a road playoff game

As hard as it is to believe, it’s been 30 years since the Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game on the road. It seems unfathomable to be that unsuccessful for so long but the last road win came in 1993 against the San Francisco 49ers.

Since then, the Cowboys have gone 0-8 in their postseason away games. The Cowboys went 4-4 on the road this regular season. For as dominant as tey were at home, they were a flip of the coin on the road.

But Dallas has won in two of the toughest road environments this season. Prime time games in Minnesota during the regular season and Tampa Bay on Monday night in the playoffs is as loud and unhospitable as it gets.

For the Cowboys to walk in and deliver a decisive victory in this situation and exorcise a demon that’s been around since Snow had “Informer” at the top of the Billboard chart, is a great step in the right direction.