Dallas Cowboys exorcised 4 demons – San Francisco is next

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Dallas Cowboys Demon No. 4: Navy Blue

The Cowboys’ rarely used navy Blue jerseys have taken on a curse of their own. Dallas is 0-3 wearing those beautiful blues leading many to believe it was another bad omen heading into Tampa Bay.

Alas, Dallas had no problem winning in a jersey other than white, and put those fears safely to bed when they dispatched the Bucs in convincing fashion.

It’s another hurdle that needed to be cleared since there’s a pretty strong chance upcoming opponents will make them continue to wear the navy blues in upcoming round(s).

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Time to right the wrongs

The Cowboys reward for beating the Bucs and exorcising so many demons in Round 1, is a date with another demon, the San Francisco 49ers. Last postseason the 49ers handed Dallas an embarrassing postseason loss.

San Francisco manhandled the Cowboys into submission, providing Mike McCarthy and staff a clear objective in the offseason – get tougher.

The haunting ending to the 2021 season has driven Dallas’ decision-makers throughout the past 12-months. The Cowboys made cuts, signed free agents, and made draft selections largely based on the way the San Francisco manhandled them in playoffs.

When asked about the rematch against San Francisco on Sunday, Cowboys safety and team leader Jayron Kearse plainly stated, “we get to right our wrongs.”

Players don’t care about 30-year-old demons, or uniform curses, or trends that started before they born. But they care about how last postseason ended. The loss to the 49ers lives in the minds of many in the Dallas locker room.

The Cowboys get a chance to exorcise another demon on Sunday night in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The boogieman that ended their season just one year ago will open their doors and offer the Cowboys a rare chance at redemption.

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It may be the most difficult demon of all.