4 Steps to Dallas Cowboys success over San Francisco

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Keys to victory No 1: Takeaways

The Cowboys can shift the momentum of the game with a pair of takeaways. If they can generate takeaways, that is another way to control the 49ers offense. Stealing but also scoring off them.

The Dallas Cowboys were the NFL leader in takeaways last season. They did it again this season with 33 takeaways.

This is the game. Where DeMarcus Lawrence must show up and play a big, impactful game.

Monday, the Dallas pass rush made Tom Brady confused.

They need to continue this. Do not allow Purdy to feel comfortable inside the pocket. Speed him up. Force him into mistakes.

2. Offensive line

Tyler Smith has been a gift from the football gods. He has been a steady ascending force all season long. He will make a better left guard than he will a tackle. That is a topic for future discussion.

Nick Bosa will be his biggest test to date. Bosa is a terror off the edge. He is not alone as the 49ers have what seems like a surplus of QB hunters.

The entire OL will have to stay locked in. Bosa is not the only threat along that San Fran DL. If Dallas can handle them like they handled the Buccaneers’ DL. The Cowboys will be cooking with gas.

Keep Dak Prescott comfortable. Allow him to go to work. Do not allow the 49ers to dictate the pace.

3. Red Zone and 3rd Down

The Cowboys must win the red zone battle. Kellen Moore doesn’t need to be creative or go into his bag.

What Moore needs to be is effective. When in the red zone score touchdowns. Do not settle for field goals.

Besides, Brent Maher has morphed back into Mike Peters. Don’t want a kicker with the case of the yips to be the deciding factor in the game’s outcome.

The Cowboys must sustain drives by winning on 3rd down. Controlling the down and distance will allow you to control the pace.

On the defensive side of the ball. Dallas must force the 49ers into field goals. The 49ers have struggled in red zone scoring this year.

The defense must not allow the 49ers to sustain drives. Get them off the field.