Dallas Cowboys offensive line will be the difference in San Francisco

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"Tyron may have saved the Cowboys season with his move to Right Tackle."

The Dallas Cowboys were able to spoil the Texans’ quest for an upset during their week 14 matchup, but it didn’t come without some lasting effects.  Terrance Steele, the starting right tackle, was lost for the remainder of the season with an injury to his ACL. As fate would have it, the Cowboys had a former All-Pro returning from an injury of his own that would lessen the blow.

As the team approaches the Divisional round of the playoffs, take a moment and think about what reality could have been in the metroplex. A combination of Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko was warming up to battle each other for the right tackle position.

Let’s take a collective sigh of relief. However, Dallas Cowboy fans have watched a similar story unfold before. In 2020, Tyron was injured, and the team trotted out Brandon Knight as a replacement. It didn’t end well for Brandon.

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Tyron has been holding his own on that side with his long-time teammate and future Hall of Famer, Zack Martin. PFF reflects that Tyron has given up 1 sack in his 285 snaps. While that is a limited sample size, the potential is there, and we know what Tyron represents.

Tyron’s injury history has robbed him of the athleticism that made him the number 9 pick in the 2011 NFL draft. The Cowboys should still be able to open up the playbook for zone running plays or running back screens on the right side.  Screen plays against an aggressive defense like the 49ers should play right into the Cowboys favor.

Tyron is ready to add to his potential Hall of Fame resume and this game is the perfect stage.