Dallas Cowboys offensive line will be the difference in San Francisco

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"The Cowboys offensive line was solidified with the return of Tyler Biadasz."

Tyler Biadasz has evolved from rookie whipping boy to Dak’s better half on the gridiron. Granted, he is not on the level of Travis Fredericks, but he is making it easier for Dallas Cowboy fans to get over the retirement of the elder Wisconsin badger.

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As a third-year player, Tyler has definitely grown from where he started in 2020. This season, he has given up zero sacks out of his possible1066 snaps this season according to PFF. He is not everyone’s preference as a starting center, but he is important for this team against this 49ers team, and he will gain some fans after this game.

Tyler has a keen ability to recognize what the defense will throw at him. While his physical ability doesn’t light the world on fire, his mental understanding of the game sets him apart. He works in alignment with Dak Prescott in identifying the defense and we shouldn’t discount that.

The 49ers defensive tackles are long athletes who twist, stunt and penetrate up the field at angles that put offensive linemen in uncomfortable situations. The 49ers don’t blitz as much, and they typically rush four linemen.

This should leave Tyler with opportunities to either assist his linemates on a block (see Conor McGovern) or more importantly get to the next level on a linebacker, say, Fred Warner. Yes, that may be a long shot considering the type of athlete Warner is, but it would be impossible if the Cowboys were lining up with a backup center.

Tyler will make a name for himself on Sunday afternoon and that name will garner respect by Cowboy fans.

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While this offensive line, led by Joe Philbin, went through a few face lifts. It is coming into its own at the right time. There were a few mentions of Zack Martin but that was intentional. He brings a level of consistency and dominance that gets the notoriety it deserves. However, on Sunday, Tyler Smith, Tyler Biadasz and Tyron Smith will get their names mentioned in the right manner.