5 Dallas Cowboys who have to go this 2023 off-season

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Dallas Cowboys who have to go: Ezekiel Elliott RB

The Ezekiel Elliott era simply must be over in Dallas. Regardless of what the Cowboys decide to do with Tony Pollard, Zeke is not a player the Cowboys can afford to keep around.

Slated to cost $16,720,000 against the cap in 2023, the Dallas Cowboys can save $4.86 million if they cut him pre-June 1 or $10.9 million as post-June 1 cut. Either way, the Cowboys save money by cutting bait and given his production level, even a restructure would result in a massive overpay.

Ezekiel Elliott is producing at a replacement level output, so the Dallas Cowboys should have no problem replacing him with rookie.  Zeke is currently ranked 27th in rushing yards over expected so it’s perfectly possible a mid-round rookie could even be an upgrade.

What complicates matters is how much this team adores No. 21. Elliott is beloved by teammates and a leader in the locker room. He’s Dak’s best friend and a fan favorite. Because of all of this his release should in no way be seen as imminent. But taking out the money, personality and all other outside factors, his performance on the field doesn’t warrant a roster spot.