New Team; Same Story as Dallas Cowboys fall to the 49ers

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This one is going to hurt to write. It feels like deja vu for the Dallas Cowboys as they once again drop a well-fought game to the 49ers in the playoffs. After a fantastic showing in the Wild Card, Dak Prescott once again reverts to his 2022 ways of throwing some untimely interceptions, both of which were shockingly bad reads.

Every other unit of the team stepped up and the Dallas Cowboys played incredibly well but it just wasn’t enough.

Despite the Dallas Cowboys weapons, Dak Prescott continues to falter when it matters most.

Few teams have surrounded a player with more talent than the Cowboys have surrounded Dak Prescott throughout the entirety of his career. This year, an elite RB-Duo in Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard, a top-5 offensive line, a top-3 defense, and a very solid receiver corps in CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Noah Brown, even throwing T.Y. Hilton into the mix.

I tend to avoid pointing blame solely upon the quarterback in a tough loss but the reason for defeat draws right back to Dak Prescott. Both interceptions from Prescott resulted in a field goal for the Niners and his second one prevented the Dallas Cowboys from adding on three to their total before getting the ball back to start the second half.

This is nothing new for him this season, tied for the league-lead in interceptions with 15 despite missing five games. Thus far it had not prevented the Dallas Cowboys offense from operating at an efficient pace, but against the best defense in the NFL that became the difference. In his post-game interview Dak said:

"“I promise this number will never be this high again.”"

A lot of promises after each year and yet we’re still on a 26-year NFC Championship game drought.

Going into the season, expectations were low for a team whose WR2 looked to be James Washington who was later cut. The team hadn’t appeared to improve. Expectations were beyond exceeded and it was clear this Dallas Cowboys team was incredibly special. But once you realize this, pre-season expectations are out the window and you face the reality of what you have now.

The 2022 Dallas Cowboys had a championship contending roster and they blew it, once again. Self-inflicted wounds seem to be the killer of each season.

It’s clear how much this team needed Tony Pollard. His injury was an absolute killer for the remainder of the game. Beyond his supreme talent, it became clear that the 49ers were not concerned with Ezekiel Elliott.

After a forced fumble on the punt return by Ray-Ray McLeod, the Cowboys had it 2nd & Goal and they opted for a run up the middle with Elliott. This play was stuffed instantly for a loss of a yard. In a spot close to the goal line, where Zeke tends to thrive he was a non-factor. This became ever more clear as the game progressed with the Cowboys totaling 19 rushing yards for the entire 2nd half.

To add insult to injury Pollard has been diagnosed with a broken fibula, so if we are to resign him in the offseason, it’s worth wondering if he is going to be the same running back he was at seasons end.

I felt the Dallas Cowboys had a real shot to win on Sunday, this one stings extra. Once again it is time for Jerry to take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate. The talent is there plenty but it is clear something is missing.

Jerry Jones has already committed to Mike McCarthy for the 2023 season. Is Dak Prescott the answer? If Dan Quinn leaves how will we replace him? Is it worth resigning a promising young running back to a longer term deal?

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These questions will be answered for us in time but now we wait. Until next year. It was a great time to write and discuss this team with you all. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  • Published on 01/23/2023 at 13:33 PM
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