Dallas Cowboys: So close, but still so far away (changes coming…)

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Dallas Cowboys must upgrade the wide receivers

Firstly, Michael Gallup and Noah Brown ranked almost last in creating separation as wide receivers. They offered no support for WR1 CeeDee Lamb and explained why Dak had to force passes into small windows that either intercepted or incomplete passes.

Nevertheless, this flaw came back to haunt them in the worse way possible against stingy 49ers defense that really had to focus on Lamb (who still caught 10 passes for 117 yards).

Trading Amari Cooper and not replacing his production was one of the worst decisions this front office has ever made because it went from having one of the best receiving units in the league to an average one at best overnight.

In a league where offensive play makers are a difference maker, a team cannot take away offensive weapons from its quarterback and not expect struggles along the way. Dalton Schultz is a good tight end, but Schultz is not an elite tight end like Travis Kelce, George Kittle or the recently retired Rob Gronkowski. Those guys are future Hall of Famers who are difference makers. Period.

Whether in the draft or via free agency, a legitimate wide receiver must be added to take pressure off of Lamb and make life a tad bit easier for Dak. Look at any team and most of them have two quality wideouts to lean on, which opens up the offense to their advantage.

Having a good tight end like Schultz becomes a luxury and another weapon to use but not solely to depend on because you only have one good receiver.

Hence, this is why Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles is in the MVP conversation because the Eagles front office traded for A.J. Brown to go along with DeVonta Smith.

Dallas’ front office will never admit their blunder and further explains their interest in trading for Brandin Cooks but signed the aging, effective wideout, T.Y. Hilton, late in the season. Yep, another reason they entertained signing the oft-injured Odell Beckham, Jr. They realized immediately that Gallup and Brown were not enough, and for whatever reason, the rookie wideouts on their roster were not ready to contribute.

This is why adding a wide receiver needs to be a top priority. Every Super Bowl-winning team in Dallas’ history has had at least two premier receivers to complement their quarterback. I expect an upgrade at the wide receiver position.