Dallas Cowboys: So close, but still so far away (changes coming…)

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Dallas Cowboys: Kellen Moore/offensive play caller

Currently, Kellen Moore is having his second interview with the Carolina Panthers, and if this fan base is lucky, Moore will be the Panthers next head coach. However, Moore is one of the primary reasons why Dallas’ offense is as inconsistent as a three-year old trying to color between the lines in a coloring book.

One week against an opponent (Bucs/Vikings) and Moore play calling is beyond impressive. The following week (Washington Commanders) Moore does the complete opposite and calls plays as if he is in the backyard with a bunch of eighth graders. The play calling is bland, predictable, and lacks any creativity.

Either Coach Big Mac gets more involved with the play calling-if Moore does not get the Panthers job-or Dallas finds another offensive play caller (rumors that is unlikely). I do not expect the latter to happen, but the play calling must change to adapt to the ever-changing defensive schemes of the NFL. There is no reason for fans to predict the play calling of any NFL team while sitting on the couch. My Gawd.

For example, in all of Dallas’ losses this season, opposing defenses were never challenged to make major adjustments, especially when it came to route running. Tony Pollard was hardly ever schemed to go up against a slower linebacker or safety. Instead, defenses stayed in their based packages because Moore never switched up. Or whenever a successful play worked, Moore never went back to it again. You cannot make this stuff up.

Changes must be made with the offensive play calling or season-ending disappointment will continue until the cows come home.