Dallas Cowboys: So close, but still so far away (changes coming…)

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The Elephant in the room. The quarterback play of Dak Prescott

Let me preface my statement with Dak played an awful game with two costly interceptions against the 49ers, and his overall 17 interceptions are not the norm for a quarterback known to be conservative with the ball. PFF has already established that half of his interceptions were not his fault, but the others are his fault for varied reasons.

With that being said, Dak is still capable of leading this team to a Super Bowl with the right additions with receivers, offensive linemen, and play calling. For everyone saying trade him, I would like to ask you “who will replace him and give you better results while this team adds better players?” I will wait.

Nobody liked Dak’s interceptions but even Dak stated his interceptions comes from being too greedy for wanting the big play instead of throwing the ball away or taking a sack. I am not making excuses for him because those interceptions have been costly and the main reason why Dallas is sitting home.

But another reason for his over aggressiveness links to not having viable receivers who could create separation and from an offensive play caller who lacks creativity in route concepts. Combine an offensive line that ranks in the bottom in the NFL in PBWR (pass block win rate), and you have the formula for throwing a total of 17 interceptions. Even though Dak missed five games and had the most interceptions since week 7, he also passed for the most touchdowns and led the highest scoring offense during that span, too.

If we are going to speak the negative facts, we must include the positive ones, too. No matter how disappointed all of us are in Dak’s performance against the 49ers.

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Dak finished the regular season with 23 touchdowns against 15 interceptions, but what I want fans to walk away with is the fact he knows his wrong decision making is why he had so many interceptions. That is fixable, a matter of not making an unwisely pass that can lead to an interception.

Everything I mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs are fixable, too. It means nothing if the Dallas Cowboys never see how close they are to the promise land but remain so far apart from it at the same time, until a real change is made.