Dan Quinn remains with Dallas Cowboys: Kellen Moore unknown

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After watching their highly coveted defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, set off to interview for multiple head coaching vacancies, the Dallas Cowboys were relieved (and possibly surprised) to hear Dan Quinn would be coming back to his old role in Dallas.

The former head coach and current defensive coordinator was one of the hottest names on the market and a favorite to receive multiple offers for head coaching positions.

To Dan Quinn, not just any coaching job would do, making him perfectly content to stay with the Dallas Cowboys.

Everyone wonders if the grass is greener on the other side but the Dallas Cowboys and Dan Quinn have each seen the grass, and they know what they currently have together is a pretty darn good thing. This reality made Quinn a welcomed return, a move celebrated at The Star in Frisco and in Cowboys Nation alike.

The Cowboys were preparing for the worst and even made some decisions while Quinn was away interviewing and weighing options. Quinn will likely be given the keys to the car back, so to speak, and allowed to round out his staff how he sees fit.

The offensive side of things isn’t quite so stable…

Kellen Moore’s return as offensive coordinator has neither been confirmed nor denied. This open standing has raised flags regarding his future. While Moore has been interviewing for head coaching opportunities, he’s also somewhat maligned locally.

The Cowboys have had an elite offense under his tenure as chief play-caller, yet, play design, play sequencing, route designs, and his run-heavy approach have all been called into question. Dominos have already started to fall on the offensive side with both the running backs coach and offensive line coach heading off into the sunset.

Big changes are already unavoidable and the Dallas Cowboys could be shifting a number of different directions.

  1. In the image of Mike McCarthy
  2. In the image of a new coordinator
  3. Under Kellen Moore again but with a completely different running game philosophy

Mike McCarthy is an offensive mind and former play-caller. It’s reasonable to expect him to assume play-calling duties if Kellen Moore leaves.

Perhaps McCarthy hasn’t done that already for a reason and his play-calling days are behind him. Maybe a new replacement coordinator will come in with a new design and take the play-calling duties himself?

Or Maybe Moore does return but he’s asked to adapt to the new offensive philosophy being built with the new assistant coaches?

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Luckily for the Dallas Cowboys, the most important coach, Dan Quinn, will remain and most of the major changes will be reserved for the offensive side of the ball. The side that could only score 13 points in their season-ending playoff loss last week.