Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott trade options (3 teams)

Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys trade trade option: Call the Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill may be a free agent sooner rather than later.  As it stands, Tennessee will have Malik Willis start next season barring in changes after the draft. Interesting enough, the Titans decided to grab a quarterback who hadn’t played all season and that the Lions wanted to add to their practice squad.

They doubled down by leapfrogging him over their own rookie draft pick. Not to play preseason, but to play games with playoff implications. Sorry Malik, that’s not a great sign.

That leaves the door wide open for Dak Prescott to leap in and find his new home. Tennessee isn’t the market that Dallas is, and they don’t have quite the same expectations that come with being a Dallas Cowboy.

The Titans currently hold the #41 pick in the draft. It’s a top 50 pick for Dallas, they rid themselves of that contract and Tennessee would get their quarterback to carry them for at least the next two seasons.

Tennessee may have to make some moves to fit Dak under the salary cap, but teams do it all the time.  The release of Ryan Tannehill alone will get them some decent savings. They have a running game and a good defense. They are only missing a suitable quarterback.

Remember, this is all hypothetical but definitely doable from a financial standpoint.