3 Dallas Cowboys players who could be bargains to re-sign

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Off-season roster decisions are rarely as black and white as some want to make them seem. The Dallas Cowboys have to weigh cost, effectiveness, availability, and the future before they dole out cash to any of their own free agents.

It’s not just about signing the best players and letting bad players leave, it’s almost always somewhere in between and the financials are just as important as the play on the field.

Stephen Jones, the Dallas Cowboys chief bargain hunter and unofficial shot caller in most roster decisions, is always on the lookout for a deal. He doesn’t want to spend a penny more than he must and isn’t afraid to gamble if it saves a buck.

The Dallas Cowboys might be able to negotiate bargain deals with these three internal players.

Today we look at three Dallas Cowboys players who are set to hit free agency (kind of) in March. Each one offers value but comes with concerns. This could be just the right amount of leverage Stephen Jones needs to leverage a bargain…

Tyron Smith, OT

Tyron Smith isn’t what he used to be. The man who was once the best left tackle in the NFL is now in the winter of his career. When healthy, he’s good. The problem is he’s never consistently healthy. Smith hasn’t played a full season since 2015 (7 years ago).

Over the past three seasons, Smith has missed a staggering 32 games. Last season alone he missed 13 games. While Smith is young on paper, he’s old in mileage. His 12 years of NFL experience make him the Dallas Cowboys most tenured player. And at a price tag of over $17 million against the cap in 2023, he’s also one of the most expensive.

Unlike the other two players on this list, Smith isn’t a free agent. But at his current cost, Smith also isn’t an option at his expected rate.

Smith sees the writing on the wall and may not have much desire to play somewhere else. There’s a good chance Smith only wants to play in Dallas and if Dallas cuts him, he’s just ride off into the sunset. If so, the Dallas Cowboys may be able to convince Tyron to tear up the old deal and play on a new contract heavily built on incentives.