It’s time for a Dallas Cowboys – Jon Kitna reunion in Dallas

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y Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys will find a way to be in the media cycle. Dan Quinn, thankfully, has returned. Kellen Moore opted for a new start elsewhere (or however that’s being framed).

Mike McCarthy sounds as though he’ll be taking on the play calling responsibilities. But there is one topic that’s not getting as much attention and to be fair with any other team it wouldn’t be a headline: The dismissal of quarterback coach, Doug Nussmeier, now leaves an open void in the Dak Prescott atmosphere.

Will Jon Kitna return to the Dallas Cowboys to help Dak Prescott correct some of his flaws?

Since 2020, Doug has quietly been the man behind the man, supporting Dak Prescott and helping him to improve his technique and craft. Well, not any longer, as with the offensive coordinator spot, the quarterback coach position has a “help wanted” sign attached to it.

The universe is aligning right before our eyes, and it really feels like one of those opportunities for Jerry Jones to right a wrong.

What is the wrong you may ask? Firing Jon Kitna. How to correct it? It starts with Jerry, but it will end with Jon. Considering the history, that may not be as simple as it appears.

The Dallas Cowboys decided to move on Jon Kitna during the transition from Jason Garrett to Mike McCarthy.  From the outside looking in, you can make the argument that he should have been on the short list of Dallas coaches to survive that 8-8 season.

Dak Prescott had his best season from a statistical standpoint under the tutelage of Jon Kitna. Dak’s total passing yards from 2018 to 2019 jumped by 1017 yards. The 4902 is still his highest single season passing mark of his career. It was the first season that the young quarterback hit the 30-touchdown mark. The icing on the cake – Dak had his highest yards per completion that season at 8.2.

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If you are not interested in numbers, there is more to the story. Dak and Jon were clicking, and it was evident in their respect and admiration of one another.

From a physical standpoint, Dak’s deep ball accuracy had improved dramatically. That season, Dak was driven to improve, and Jon was locked in on helping Dak shed the title of ‘bus driver’ and move into the level of elite.

Details, footwork and weight distribution were terms that were tossed around that season. As important, he was holding Dak accountable to understanding defensive coverages and that’s half the battle for quarterbacks.

The quarterback’s statical improvement didn’t necessarily translate to wins on the field.  However, the investment of having a proven, long-time starter in the bunker with your franchise quarterback was invaluable. Anyone who pays attention to football knows it’s not the head coach or even the offensive coordinator that has the biggest impact on the quarterback. Since Jon Kitna was dismissed, that has been even more noticeable by the day.

Jerry, this is a layup. Make the call and offer Jon the job. He’s currently the coach at Burleson High School so there’s no guarantee that he will want a do over with the team. However, the way this past season ended, ownership can’t afford to leave any stone unturned.