Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft 2023 (reloading the roster)

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Dallas Cowboys pick 129 – Jerrod Clark, Defensive Tackle, Coastal Carolina

For the record, I’m still holding out hope for free agent Daron Payne. But, since that hasn’t happened yet, I have the Dallas Cowboys trying their hand at the one-tech tackle once again. Jerrod Clark is a large man standing at 6’4″ 343 pounds. Watching guards and centers try to double him to move him off his spot was amusing and downright hilarious.

Early in his career, fans should not expect an elite pass rusher. That’s not his game at the moment. He has a strong anchor and will be able to take up blocks to free up the true pass rushers. It’s a limited role but one that needs to be filled. To be fair, fifth round draft picks rarely come without some warts. This is that place in the draft where you see traits and hope that they can pan out.

It wasn’t that long ago fans were hoping that Quinton Bohanna would be the nose tackle for the Dallas Cowboys. That now seems so long ago. Hopefully pairing Clark with Jonathan Hankins (only if Daron Payne is off the table) will be the option to reinvigorate fans and possibly take this nose tackle need off the list. Giving Jerrod an experienced NFL nose tackle to work alongside should be the play for Dallas.