Dallas Cowboys Draft: Meet Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn


Are the Dallas Cowboys in the market for running backs? You bet they are. This is one of the best drafts to have that type of need. Are you one of those fans that prefer the Cowboys to wait for a running back?

If you are, you are in luck. Tank Bigsby is going to be one of those options that will be available in rounds 2, 3 or possibly even 4. What to say about this talented runner from LaGrange, GA?

The Dallas Cowboys will be looking for that next great running back. Could Tank Bigsby be that prospect they are looking for?

With Tank, he is 6’0″ 213-pound prospect with a compact build. The speed has been good enough to run away from SEC linebackers for three seasons. The all-purpose back from Auburn University has more of a one cut style and he does not shy away from contact. He runs with an upright style similar Kareem Hunt of the Cleveland Browns. While not a burner, but he can accelerate and decelerate according to how the blocking in front of him is set up.

From a statistical standpoint, he accumulated 540 carries and 62 receptions in three years. Those high carries are the downside for this prospect. The other part I would worry about is he may or may not offer a lot in the form of being a pass catcher early on in his career. It could be a skill that was underutilized considering the quarterback carousel that was ongoing at Auburn. On the other hand, he has averaged a little over 5 yards a carry in his collegiate career with 25 touchdowns as cherries on the top.

His best game of the 2022 season was against Ole Miss. After averaging 9.0 yards per carry with two touchdowns, he solidified himself as the top back in the game. No knock on Zach Evans. He had a great game as well, but Bigsby deserved the shine and love that day.

We’ll continue to show that love today as well. The various running backs in this draft will bring different skill sets so it’s definitely going to come down to what flavor of ice cream each team prefers. Some teams want a quicker, shiftier running back while others want the stronger more compact runner.

Over the past few years, Dallas has gravitated away from those shifty runners. The last shifty player that comes to mind was Lance Dunbar and that didn’t work out well. Even with Tony Pollard, he is a compact runner that can has a second gear but not as much shift. He’ll run away from you, but he won’t shake you out of your shoes.

Tank Bigsby is similar to TP20 in the way of shiftiness. If he gets daylight, he’ll probably run past you, but he won’t cause the Lesean McCoy type of plays to get free.

According to PFF, he received a grade of a 85.7 as a zone runner, 77.0 gap grade and recorded 4.16 yards after contact in 2022. If I’m interpreting that correctly, it tells me that he is a runner that fits a zone blocking scheme, knows what gap to run through and fights for the extra yards after contact.

The good news for the Dallas Cowboys is their new offensive line coach Mike Solari wants to implement a variety of blocking schemes; so, we wouldn’t necessarily have to overlook a player like this because of our rigid coaching style.

NFL Draft Projection: No reaching necessary. Dallas can wait if they choose. They may not be able to wait pass round three for Bigsby. If that’s the case, he is a prospect that should be in the ballpark for the Dallas Cowboys.