3 Dallas Cowboys mock draft scenarios in the first three rounds

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Draft season is a great time in the NFL. It’s the time when teams can become contenders overnight. It’s when hope and potential trump all and pessimism takes a back seat. For the Dallas Cowboys, it marks a time when 90 percent of the heavy lifting is done.

Dallas hates high priced free agents and typically only uses the veteran process to do their annual bargain hunting. Sometimes it works out but often times if amounts to nothing. The NFL Draft is where the action is, so today we turn our attention there.

Three different 3-round mock draft scenarios for the Dallas Cowboys showing how one impacts the next and the best player isn’t always the best pick.

Best player available (BPA) is perhaps the biggest myth in professional football. Teams draft for needs and like to pick the best players at positions of need, not the best player available. The Dallas Cowboys are especially guilty of this. Last year, their need was so significant on the offensive line they absolutely had to get out with a Day 1 starter.

Based on previous drafts, that required them to pick an offensive lineman with one of their first two picks. Low and behold, they did just that, selecting Tyler Smith with their top pick.

They saw options were severely limited and the pool of candidates was all but empty so they pulled the trigger. We’ll do that again here today…

Dallas Cowboys in Round 1

Assuming the Dallas Cowboys have made their typical half-hearted attempts to plug holes in free agency, all needs today remain needs when the draft starts. Tony Pollard remains at RB, Dalton Schultz leaves as a TE, CB Anthony Brown is gone, as is SAF Donovan Wilson. No major cuts (outside of maybe Zeke or Tyron) went down so no additional holes popped up.

The Cowboys are looking for a WR2, CB2 and an OG/OT. They are also in the market for LB, TE, RB and DT – but to a somewhat lesser extent.

With the background established, let’s set the scene and make the picks…