Dallas Cowboys: 4 significant losses Dak Prescott must overcome

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1). How will Dak and the Dallas Cowboys cope without Kellen Moore?

Kellen Moore and Dak Prescott have been tied at the hip practically the entire time Dak has been with the Dallas Cowboys. It seems like centuries ago that Dak was actually fourth on the depth chart behind Tony Romo, Kellen and even Jameill Showers for a smidge of time. A broken ankle for Kellen, injured back for Tony and Jameill being Jameill and the rest is history.

Early on, Dak needed support. He was a rookie quarterback that was leading in the most high-profile team in America. Kellen and Tony were Dak’s support system in the locker room. In 2019, Kellen eventually found his way to the offensive coordinator spot. While some fans didn’t love Moore’s play calling abilities, we can’t deny the fact that Dak’s statistical career started to blossom once Kellen was fully in charge.

Call it coincidence but Kellen’s first year as offensive coordinator was also Dak’s best statistical season to that point in his career. Just over 4900 yards, 30 touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 99.7.

Whether it’s admitted or not, Dak’s comfort in knowing the offense like the back of his hand will be gone. Being on the same wavelength with his play caller will be gone. Having the relationship and freedom to tell Kellen what’s working well and what’s not working – gone.

While Kellen Moore has said all the right things about the separation from the Dallas Cowboys, something tells me that Dak Prescott wasn’t fully a part of that decision making. Granted, players play, coaches coach and front office handles the business. But I would bet my last dollar that Dak Prescott deep down inside didn’t want this change but has taken the professional approach and say all the right things.

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