Dallas Cowboys: 4 significant losses Dak Prescott must overcome

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3. Will Tyron Smith be back for the Dallas Cowboys next season to protect Dak’s blind spot?

For this potential change, there’s at least a plan in place but it doesn’t change the fact that this is another moving piece around Dak Prescott. Tyron Smith has been his anchor and his blind side protector for the better part. of Dak’s entire career. Dak was able to drop back carefree because he knew Tyron was there in pass protection and would minimize the pass rush.

This move is the ultimate domino effect. Without Tyron, Tyler Smith will have to move from the interior and to the edge. While he is overly talented, he’s not quite the technician that we’ve come to expect from Tyron.

There’s no debating that Tyler has a bright future in this league. It’s more about Tyron and the player he was (when healthy) for Dak. Let’s reference our good friend Pro Football Focus. According to PFF, in Dak’s seven years in the league, Tyron has averaged an overall grade of 77.28.

The knock is always going to be the availability with number 77. Tyron’s value to Dak is clear when he is not on the field as much as when he is on. Prior to last season, it was a notable train wreck on that left side when Tyron wasn’t available.

Everyone remembers the Chaz Green fiasco against Atlanta. With that said, let’s move on. Revisiting that memory reminds every one of the legend of “Coach Clap”. All Dallas Cowboys fans will understand that reference.

Players come and go in the NFL, so it’s probably won’t be as big a deal. However, the one thing that quarterbacks enjoy, and Dak is no exception, is continuity in their offense especially the offensive line. Tyron may or may not be a Hall of Fame lock, but he was definitely an important piece for Dak’s ascension.

Change Impact Meter: 3 out of 10 (would be higher if not for injuries)