Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-Round Mock Draft: Rumors Edition

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Dallas Cowboys Round Seven – Travis Vokolek – Tight End – Nebraska

With Dalton Schultz supposedly on the possible list of players that could walk, the Dallas Cowboys have a duo of tight ends in Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershot.

However, the depth behind them is thin at best and the Cowboys could look to add to the depth in the draft. One thing the Cowboys have not had is a really good blocking tight end and Vokolek can step in and provide that from day one. I don’t foresee them going early at tight end, but they should look at the position at some point.

Vokolek displays soft hands in the limited catches he was given at Nebraska. What does show up is the power he displays in all facets of the game. While he is not a burner, he does well working his way up seams and is athletic enough to get into a seam and carry a defender with him. He makes contested catches well and is really hard to bring down with the ball in his hands. He does well to give his quarterback the largest target area he can. One thing he can do is block and gave up no pressures or sacks.

Vokolek doesn’t have a diverse route tree and will need work coming in and out of breaks. While he has the power to hold off defenders when blocking, he needs to improve on sustaining the blocks a little longer as he heads to the pros. His limited targets have not allowed him a lot in terms of learning soft spots in zones, but he displays enough to think he can pick it up quickly. He will need work to be a starter, but his physical traits should turn heads.

Dallas Cowboys Wrap-up

With all the rumors currently surrounding the Dallas Cowboys and certainly more to come, it is a little early to fully know the directions the Cowboys will go. However, history tells us that they will attempt to fill as many holes as they can in the draft and forego going heavy in free agency.

This offseason has a lot of free agents they could decide to bring back. As always, the cost will be a factor for every decision they make, even if they don’t need to be as cautious as they tend to be.

For after the draft, I think they could dip at corner, offensive line, and running back. This class is a little thin for quarterback depth, so if they do not bring back Cooper Rush, they could look to add late in the draft rather then run the risk of losing out after the draft. They do need a kicker, so while I did not choose one, I would not rule it out completely.

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With this front office, guessing moves have become both difficult in terms of free agents and simple in terms of how they will look at the cost. What we can hope for is the success of the Rams, Chiefs, 49ers, Eagles, and Bengals over the past few years, they look in the mirror and take a few more chances. We can certainly hope, although if history is any clue, the draft will be for filling the major holes.