Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-Round Mock Draft: Rumors Edition

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Dallas Cowboys Round Three – Andrew Vorhees – Guard – USC

With the whispers that the Dallas Cowboys may let Tyron Smith go, there is a serious need at left guard with Tyler Smith moving to left tackle. While free agency is certainly a possibility here, the Cowboys have been known for finding their linemen in the draft.

Vorhees isn’t getting talked about enough and could rise, but there are some small things teams will have to see first before that happens. Vorhees could come in day one and play left guard with, at worst, no dropoff from the last two seasons of play, but likely an upgrade.

Vorhees is a monster of a human and with his size comes a ton of power. When a defensive lineman tries to bull rush him, Vorhees rarely gives up ground and oftentimes turns the defender away. His initial punch has the ability to completely disrupt a pass rush and while he is better as a run defender he is stout and solid in pass protection as well. He works well in small spaces and will look for blocks. He has the size to take on double teams head-on and hold his ground.

Vorhees will need to work on holding blocks a little longer, especially against more agile defenders. Sometimes his height will work against him due to leverage, which will cause some balance issues. While he has the power to stop a pass rusher, this will sometimes cause him to stop as well and allows for a reset of the defender or someone to get to his side. He will need footwork improvement to play outside.