Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-Round Mock Draft: Rumors Edition

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Dallas Cowboys Round Five – Quindell Johnson – Safety – Memphis

There is an assumption the Dallas Cowboys could bring back Donovan Wilson, but the depth overall at the safety position here is rather thin.

Continuing on the aggressive nature of defensive backs with Diggs and earlier in this draft with Forbes, Johnson, is another highly aggressive defensive back with a nose for the ball. Finding ways to create more turnovers should be something the Cowboys could look for and while Johnson needs some work, you can’t teach his ability to make plays on the ball.

Johnson has the ability to play zone or man, which helps in this era of the NFL with more athletic tight ends. While sometimes his aggressiveness gets him, this is also a good thing when it comes to making tackles, as he is not afraid of contact and is a solid tackler.

His athleticism jumps off the screen with his ability to diagnose and make plays to cut through passing lanes for interceptions. He isn’t the sharpest player in terms of movement, but he is smooth.

Now Johnson will sometimes get a little over-aggressive, which can cause him to have to recover. For all of his ability to see and react to the ball, sometimes he will get lost in the trash and get hung up on blocks. I want to see him use his athleticism to get away from blockers better and play through contact.

He may be at his ceiling if he can’t work his way through the trash better, but his upside if he can is an impact player.