Dallas Cowboys Draft Profile: Adding Playmakers – Tyjae Spears, RB

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The Dallas Cowboys need more game changers. Plain and simple. Not guys that fit a profile or players that play for certain major college programs. Out the door are guys you are comfortable with and enter players that will open up your offense.

This team needs players that defenses focus on every day of the week. Scratch that. Take it a step further – the Dallas Cowboys need players that make defenses uncomfortable on the field.

That’s what we as fans have been clamoring for. After four long years, we were able to see what Tony Pollard was all about. He is a true game changer, but you can never have too many of them. Tulane running back, Tyjae Spears, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to play the waiting game with the running back position, they may strike gold with someone like Tyjae Spears.

Yes, he played in a conference that does not receive the hype of programs like the Big Ten, ACC or PAC 12.  Interesting enough, that’s where I want to start is with the PAC12. More specifically, the USC Trojans, who did not have to pay admission to watch the show that Tyjae Spears put on.

the Dallas Cowboys need players that make defenses uncomfortable on the field.

The 5’11” 195 pound running back checked all of the boxes that day. He looked like a kid playing football in his neighborhood, running for 205 yards and four touchdowns against the Trojan defense.

Tulane isn’t a perennial powerhouse, by any means. They have some good players, but you wouldn’t confuse them with Georgia, Clemson or Alabama. But Tyjae Spears could stack up against any of the players on those teams.

Does the analytics match the football production on the field?

You bet it does. PFF graded him a 90.2 in two of the three years. As far as a gap grade in 2022, he received a 93.4 – that tells me this kid can choose the correct gap to run through. Sign me up for that.

The Dallas Cowboys will be going through an offensive shift this offseason. They’ll be adding more west coast concepts into the offense they ran last year. They want to run the ball more and add more slants, drags and running back flats into the offense.

Can this running back catch the ball? He only pulled in 21 receptions but created 242 yards. That is a trait of a true game changer. Take the limited opportunities thrown his way and make plays with them.

Will his size limit him to only certain roles on this team? I don’t think it will. Tony Pollard has a different body type than Tyjae but TP20 was only 200 pounds when he was drafted. This team shouldn’t be looking for a running back who will carry the rock 25 – 30 times a game. Those days should be in the rear-view mirror.

The Dallas Cowboys should be looking for someone who will enter the game as a threat in both the run and pass. Yes, he’ll probably give up something in pass blocking but that can be taught. You can’t teach speed and elusiveness, two things that were missing as soon as Tony Pollard went down against the 49ers.

If history has taught me anything, it’s that the Dallas Cowboys will convince themselves to go against the film. The film will not lie. This kid can play the game of football at a high level and Dallas needs as many of those players they can get their hands on.

NFL Draft Projection: Tyjae Spears has top 100 talent, but teams know that you can wait on running backs. I would love to say this type of talent would not escape the second round but it’s a weird draft for running backs. Drafttek has him going in the fourth round which would put him in play for the Dallas Cowboys between rounds 3 and 4 in my opinion.