Dallas Cowboys: 4 WR playmakers the Cowboys are considering

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The Dallas Cowboys last Super Bowl appearance was in 1995. What a game it was but it’s been a long time since holding that Lombardi trophy.  Alot in the world has changed since then. The country had 6 different presidents, Wi-Fi was invented (1997), gas prices were approximately $1.23 per gallon (1997), and I was somewhere in middle school hoping to grow my first grain of facial hair.

This offseason, Jerry is claiming that “he’s not discouraged, and he’s focused on the 2023 season”. Maybe he shouldn’t be discouraged since he has a better view of the team than anyone. However, you can’t help but circle back to last offseason and the Amari Cooper trade. He was quoted as saying “I like what we did” in reference to trade. And that’s fine but his plans to replace Amari had holes in it from the start. CeeDee was legit but Michael Gallup needed more time after his injury and rightfully so.

Jerry won’t admit it, but he knows the Dallas Cowboys made a mistake with Amari. It’s time for him to correct his mistake.

It became painfully clear that the Dallas Cowboys needed more wide receiver help last season. The rumor mills are swirling with potential trade targets. We have the talked about free agent options. While Jerry and co. are going to do whatever it is they’ll do, that shouldn’t prevent fans from giving their opinions. The question I have for the fans is – which wide receiver would you want on this roster? Let’s list out some options.