Dallas Cowboys: 4 WR playmakers the Cowboys are considering

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Option 3: Brandin Cooks, Wide Receiver, Houston Texans

Brandin Cooks is one of those NFL receivers that is wanted one year and traded the next. He is a deep threat talent that has really good route running abilities. Why can’t he keep a home? No one knows. What we do know is the Dallas Cowboys almost had a deal struck with the Houston Texans last season, but it didn’t work out. Should Dallas go down that road again?

He is listed as 5’10” 183lbs. In Mike McCarthy’s offense, Cooks can be his version of Randall Cobb. They are practically the same size, same build but Cooks offers the inside and outside play ability. According to PFF, he played most of his 2022 snaps on the outside (497) and (156) in the slot. In the Dallas Cowboys version of the west coast offense, he could be a very reliable target for Dak Prescott. He can run the slants, crossing routes as well as the deep routes that T.Y. Hilton ran last year.

My hangup is the contract numbers. Simply put, the last two trade options we’ve discussed have similar contract numbers but are more proven in my opinion. Over the next two years, he is owed $18 million and $13 million. Maybe the team can work out a restructured contract with him as a part of the trade. If that can’t happen, I would be extremely hesitant to pull the trigger.

Now, what would it cost Dallas now to gain Cooks’ services? Last year, he produced 57 receptions for 699 yards and 3 touchdowns. I don’t believe many teams will be knocking each other over to acquire Cooks. If Houston accepts a 3rd round pick and restructures the contract, sign me up. Anything higher than a 3rd round would get a dial tone if I was running the Dallas Cowboys organization.