Dallas Cowboys: 4 WR playmakers the Cowboys are considering

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Option 4: Odell Beckham, Jr., Wide Receiver, Free Agent

From a name recognition standpoint, this guy is one of the more proven free agents out there. In the same breath, he is one of the more unknowns of this entire offseason. We’ve seen his Instagram page with the workout reels, but we still haven’t seen him on a football field in over a year. Dallas Cowboys Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones is infatuated with the potential of adding Odell Beckham, Jr. to this roster. So, while he is not a trade target, he definitely should be a part of this conversation.

When he is healthy, he is still one of the more polished route runners to play this game. He is a natural football player who plays the game effortlessly. He can run the route tree with ease, and you can plug him into any of the receiver positions. His hands would make him one of the more ideal additions to a west coast offense, if he’s healthy. Hate him or love him, he freed up Cooper Kupp to be that big time slot receiver that CeeDee Lamb is becoming right before our eyes. That part is very appealing and I’m sure it has Jerry’s attention.

The not so appealing part is he is returning from the same injury that Michael Gallup returned from last season. I’m not a betting man – but do you place your bet on two receivers being effective in this offense after the same knee injuries. That’s a tough decision. Not to mention, what is Odell’s asking price? Is he still considering himself a top-15 receiver and is looking for $17 million a year for multiple years? Or is he asking for a 3 year 30 million type of deal? If it’s the latter and he’s healthy, he has to be the top choice.

Something tells me Jerry is ready to pull the trigger in either case.