Texas Rangers: Robbie Grossman appears to be starting on Opening Day

(Photo by Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images) /

After much speculation it appears that Robbie Grossman is lined up to be the guy Bruce Bochy has chosen to start in left field for the Texas Rangers. After thinking it could be between Bubba Thompson or Josh Smith, the Rangers went out an signed Grossman right before Spring Training began.

It quickly became clear that Bochy did not feel he had starting-caliber player in LF prior to spring with the playing time Grossman was receiving.

The Texas Rangers have signaled Robbie Grossman as their opening day starter in left field

Levi Weaver, the Rangers beat writer for The Athletic, so generously tracked his starts to this point for us:

While there is very little we should take seriously when it comes to Spring Training, batting orders are absolutely something managers use to show who they like the most and where. It is apparent Grossman is the guy. At least for now.

Why did the Texas Rangers choose Robbie Grossman over their other options?

The eight-year vet has never been known for his hitting prowess in terms of pure power but there are some qualities he can provide to this Texas Rangers squad.

Grossman was 89th percentile in BB% and 98th percentile in Chase%.

The Rangers had the fifth-worst K% in the MLB season, they have continued to try and address that but I think that Grossman is a way to continue to prop that number up. Grossman was 89th percentile in BB% and 98th percentile in Chase%.

Sure, the hitting numbers don’t jump off the page, and they shouldn’t, but are there really any better internal options at the current time? Robbie Grossman is far from a long-term solution and there is no guarantee he even makes it to the All-Star Break but he has done it in the MLB for a long time and has shown evidence of some legit pop in 2021.

That season, he had a HR/FB% of 12% and a Barrel% of 8%. Last season, both of those numbers got cut exactly in half and there was little indication of a return to those former numbers. But skills don’t vanish altogether even if they are diminished and that’s what the Texas Rangers are banking on along with decent plate discipline.

Grossman has put up solid numbers in the spring, with a .364 BA and a 1.136 OPS but those numbers aren’t relevant and rarely translate to the regular season. One that might is a lessened K% which currently sits at 0% and can translate over to the season because that’s something that is universally relevant whether it’s against High-A talent or major league pitching.

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Look for Robbie Grossman to assist the Texas Rangers with their strikeout problems.