Dallas Cowboys: 4 blockbuster trade options to explore

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The Dallas Cowboys have been almost perfect drafting their last five first-round draft picks. Tyler Smith, Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb and Leighton Vander Esch have all had either All-Pro seasons, Rookie of the year honors, or at least Pro Bowl seasons.

Picking Taco Charlton over T.J. Watt still stings, so a deduction in points is warranted. Yet even with that misfire, that’s a heck of a run selecting first round talent especially since some of those picks went against the grain on many nation draft boards.

Time for the Dallas Cowboys to get aggressive with their draft capital and flip the picks for star players

However, there was one year in 2019 where they did not have a first-round selection because that pick was traded to the Raiders for Amari Cooper. While I didn’t like the ending to the Amari Cooper tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, the beginning and middle parts were memorable.

The 2018 season was heading the wrong direction at a rapid rate and inserting one skilled player changed the course of history. If it worked then, should Dallas at least try to go two for two now?

I’m not buying or selling but I think we should at least have the conversation.

To the conversation, we need to have some options. Here are four NFL players that the Dallas Cowboys should at least make a phone call for with the 26th pick as trade bait…

Dallas Cowboys trade option No. 1: TE Kyle Pitts

Let’s start this thing off with a bang. The Atlanta Falcons have holes to fill. A lot more holes than what the Dallas Cowboys have. That’s the first thing we know. The second thing we know is Jerry Jones’ interest or borderline love for Kyle Pitts during the 2021 draft process.

At the very least, I would call Atlanta and see how desperate they are for draft capital. Maybe they have Kyle Pitts in high regard, but maybe they don’t. A closed mouth won’t get fed.

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Dalton Schultz appears to be leaving for free agency. Schultz has been great for this team, this locker room and for this quarterback. However, it’s time to think bigger. Dallas has some good pieces in Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershot who both showed flashes last year.

But Kyle Pitts, when healthy, is a difference maker more so than Schultz. His rookie season, he was able to haul in 68 receptions for 1026 yards but only 1 touchdown. His stats took a nosedive in 2022 with injuries impacting most of the season.

However, as a first-round pick, you still have three additional seasons of control under his rookie contract. That still a lot of value in that contract that the Dallas Cowboys can work with. The major drawback is making sure that knee isn’t anything that will linger into the 2023 season. Making sure a knee is right on a player that dominates because of his athleticism is a key part to this trade.

From a draft perspective, there’s no tight end prospect that is quite like Pitts as receiver. Dalton Kincaid out of Utah and Luke Musgrave out of Oregon State are fine receiving tight ends but the learning curve from college to the pros is something I would prefer to pass on.

Dallas Cowboys, make the call and see what it would take. I wouldn’t go past giving up the first-round pick, but I may be persuaded to give up a day three pick to make the deal happen.