Dallas Cowboys: 4 blockbuster trade options to explore

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Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy

My guess is a lot of fans will disagree with this choice. And to that I say to each his own. Jerry Jeudy has not set the world on fire in Denver. His career stats have been a bit underwhelming, but there is no denying the talent is there. He has not exceeded 1000 yards receiving in any of his three professional years.

Last year was his closest year to that mark but that’s with Russell Wilson playing like an undrafted rookie quarterback. Nine total touchdowns in three seasons won’t light the world on fire either. Not to mention, Dallas will only have control of his contract for another two seasons.

Now that we have the not-so-great stuff out of the way, here’s the good stuff. His route running abilities are ala Amari Cooper. That’s his calling card, his bread and butter if you will. While Jerry Jones is still sniffing around the Odell Beckham, Jr. Ferris wheel, Jeudy may be more of a ‘sure thing’ at least from a health standpoint.

According PFF, he split time in the slot (349) and at the wide out (362) position. That’s a winning formula for the Dallas Cowboys especially with CeeDee Lamb playing a large bulk of his time in the slot role. The added benefit is the fact that none of the receivers in this draft give me confidence that they would be ready on Day 1. Jerry Jeudy would be ready at Day 1.

The Denver Broncos gave up a king’s ransom for Russell Wilson. They have six picks, and none start earlier than round three. That’s the characteristic of a team that may be up to wheeling and dealing. Not to mention, Denver has wide receiver Tim Patrick, who they gave a decent contract to, coming back into the lineup next to Courtland Sutton.

Jerry Jeudy in the Dallas Cowboys offense would be a different player. There is so much untapped potential that Dallas could take advantage of. If you can’t get the ‘stretch the field’ tight end, an inexpensive route running tactician is next on the list.