Dallas Cowboys: 4 blockbuster trade options to explore

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Carolina Panthers Defensive Tackle Derrick Brown

Well, I could not overlook the needs of this defense. Granted, their needs are not quite as glaring, they are still present. In 2022, the defensive pass rush was as ferocious as it’s ever been.

However, we still had holes in the run defense. The Carolina Panthers just traded away four picks to get the number one pick in the 2023 NFL draft from the Chicago Bears. I’m wondering if they may be interested in gathering more picks.

Granted, this year’s draft for Carolina is only impacted in the second round giving up the 61st pick. Typically, when you make a trade of this caliber, you are going for your quarterback. If that is the case, is this team rebuilding? Matt Rhule was shown the door and he’s the coach that picked Brown.

This Carolina Panthers team is in a similar position to the Atlanta Falcons. They have holes on this team and a lot of them. In the trade, they had to give away their number one receiver in D.J. Moore. Could they use the 26th pick to replace D.J.?

With Brown, you get a run plugging pocket pusher who plays the three-tech position but at that size he could easily play some nose if we really needed him to. This trade would absolutely put a smile on Dan Quinn’s face.

You would get him a supersized version of Grady Jarrett to man the middle of this defense. Osa Odighizuwa has been a steal picked up in the third round of the 2021 draft but he’s one man. We need more bodies, more talented bodies that can make an impact.

Did I mention that Derrick Brown is 6’5″ 320 pounds. That’ll work any day of the week and twice on Sundays. In three seasons, he’s had three sacks. Nothing to yell from the roof top about but we wouldn’t necessarily need him for that part. Our good friends at PFF graded him an 80.6 against the run. That’s the part we need from him. Unless you’re telling me, Jalen Carter will drop to 26, then nothing else would keep me from throwing this first round pick to Carolina with no hesitation.

Standing pat and making a pick at 26th is probably what the Dallas Cowboys will do. However, the idea of at least entertaining trades for this pick in exchange for a player who is already established in the NFL should entice Jerry and team at least a little.