Dallas Cowboys 2023: 5 steps to start things out (Part One)

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The Dallas Cowboys will have their work cut out for them in the 2023 off-season, here are the first steps they must take to find success…

If all goes according to plan, I will attempt to address the Dallas Cowboys off-season dealings, thoughts, plans, and ideas.

The NFL combine is over, free agency starts this week, and the NFL draft is next month. The NFL regular season is over, but the NFL machine marches on.

Today, we shall dive into the offensive side of the ball for the Dallas Cowboys.

Before we do, let me lay down some ground rules.

I am going to present ideas based on what I have studied from afar when it pertains to how the Dallas Cowboys front office do things and how Mike McCarthy does things.

Mike McCarthy and the current roster have nothing to do with the sins of Jason Garrett, Wade Phillips, Dave Campos, etc.

I have no interest in flights of professional football fantasies. The NFL is not Madden football. The NFL is not fantasy football, either.

There is a plan for building an NFL team.

Never become emotionally invested. Never be bound by the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown is still alive and well in the league.

If you follow all of the above, you have a roster of progress stoppers who will provide no value to your football team.

Okay, let’s move on, shall we?

Step 1: Sort out the coaching

Since, the Dallas Cowboys’ playoffs ended in a similar fashion. There have been some key coaching changes. I will broad brush strokes the two major changes.

Kellen Moore is out and Brian Schottenheimer has been promoted to OC. Mike McCarthy is calling the plays now. Brian’s job will be to relay what Mike wants done on the offensive side of the ball.

Joe Philbin is out, and the highly regarded Mike Solari is in. Solari will be inheriting a better unit than that mess he had in Seattle.

Both changes have long-standing relationships with McCarthy. Both changes are linked to their brief time together in Seattle.

If you want to know more about the Dallas Cowboys new offensive line coach. Grab a snack and listen to the man himself.

Okay. The Broad brush strokes are done. Now, let’s get to the center of this piece with a thorough analysis into a few offensive pieces of the Dallas Cowboys.