Dallas Cowboys 2023: 5 steps to start things out (Part One)

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Dallas Cowboys Step 3: Tony Pollard

I have been playing drums for Tony Pollard since he was drafted. The last two years, he proved he was the superior running back to Ezekiel Elliott. Better burst, long speed, and less wear on the tires, but the Joneses loyalty reared its ugly head too often.

Instead of declaring Pollard the feature back, we were fed the narrative, the Dallas Cowboys needed both. From the local media, fan base and even the inner circle at the Star.

The burst had been gone for a while, but jersey sales trump all. The Cowboys act like if they cut Zeke, a dozen teams are lining up for his services. If he can command more than the league minimum, I would be shocked beyond belief.

It is unfortunate, but it is reality. Tony Pollard is coming off a major injury. Why franchise tag him when there are running back aplenty in the NFL draft can replace him? Yet, here we are.

The fear of the unknown.

Tony Pollard was drafted in the 4th round. You don’t think Tyjae Spears, Tank Bigsby, or Sean Tucker cannot produce big plays at the next level? You can draft one of them for the fraction of the cost.

This is not a shot towards Pollard. Dallas is playing a game of chicken with another player coming off a major injury. The Dallas Cowboys still haven’t seen a return on the investment of Michael Gallup.

I would let Pollard walk and draft his replacement. Be confident in your scouts. No one wants to get rid of them. They found Pollard. Why can’t they find his replacement?