Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft: The Future is Now (all rounds)

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Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. 169. player. DEFENSIVE TACKLE. Western Kentucky. Brodric Martin. 123

As the Dallas Cowboys build their roster it comes in typical fashion that one of the last pieces they ever add to the team is their run stopping Defensive Tackle. Here the team waits until the final day of the draft to make another attempt as solving their run defense issues. Western Kentucky’s Brodric Martin enters the building.

Around mid season in 2022 the team traded for Jonathan Hankins and may yet bring him back to help bolster the defensive line. Despite all the wonderful moves the team has made so far, again, the run defense just seems to be the last part of the equation they solve for whatever reason.

The Dallas Cowboys bring in a massive body in Brodric Martin to push players like Quinton Bohanna and Neville Gallimore to fulfill their potential or find new jobs. If they’re unable to, the Hilltopper may very well snatch their roster spots.

Martin is built exactly as you’d like a 1T to be. He’s 6’5″ 335lbs with 34 3/8″ arms and an 84 1/4″ wingspan. His strength matches the physique. He doesn’t have very big hands, but they’re powerful.

A big positive for Martin is the fact his snap counts increased every season. From playing sparingly at North Alabama to notching nearly 900 snaps in his final two seasons with WKU. This is a great sign considering the size of the player.

Martin is explosive off the snap, can hold his blockers, and does a good job taking on double teams.

Where he lacks is versatility. He’s there for one job and one job only. To eat space. He’s not going to give the team much of anything in the pass rush, but when the game gets tight and you need to keep an opposing offense from running precious time off the clock, Broderic Martin is here to help.