Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-Round Mock Draft 2023: Building a Bully

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The Dallas Cowboys have been cooking with gas for the last 10 days.

The first order of Dallas Cowboys business was slapping the franchise tag on Tony Pollard. Then, they re-signed Donovan Wilson, Leighton Vander Esch, and C. J. Goodwin. They traded for Stephon Gilmore. A move no one saw coming.

This was an outstanding trade. Gilmore brings a lot to the table. Here is a player with a lot of deep playoffs experience and knowing what it takes to win a championship. He will command respect the first day he steps on the field.

The Cowboys reworked Tyron Smith’s contract, released Ezekiel Elliott, and brought Cooper Rush back into the fold. They were not done.

The past Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys traded for Brandon Cook for a fifth-round pick in 2023 and a sixth-round pick in 2024, low-risk draft capital for an explosive play-maker.

Dallas has been searching for a speedster. Cook is coverage magnet who can relieve pressure off of Lamb and Gallup. Cooks is the perfect fit for the new offensive scheme. He still has plenty gas left in the tank. This latest talent acquisition allows Dallas to shore up some other needs without reaching in the draft.

Cooks brings a true vertical threat. Someone who will have opposing defenses worried about during the week.

That would never happen with Noah Brown. Cook brings much needed juice in the passing game.

Will Dallas target one of those dynamic tight ends in a deep TE class who can attack the seams? But there is a high possibility they may wish to add a destroyer, too. What round? I believe it will be early. Let’s say round one or two. Unless things change, which can always happen during the draft.

In 2021, the Cowboys draft was heavy on defense. They wanted to provide Dan Quinn with some prime pieces to aid his defense. We all saw the immediate effect. The Cowboys continue to add new pieces in 2022 and they have not stopped.

Last year, we saw how the offense was vanilla once again. How the Amari Cooper butterfly effect was felt.

Last season, the reality was this: the Cowboys had a lack of play-makers.

The jury is still out on Jalen Tolbert. I am not one to give up on young players after one year, nor labeling them a bust. That is plain silly talk.

Now that Mike McCarthy is calling plays, and Brian Schottenheimer has been promoted to offensive coordinator. I had a strong suspicious next month’s draft would lean towards the offensive heavy, but the trade for Cook has my mind thinking about other possibilities.

The Cowboys have pooled a good number of resources into their offensive line in the past. The correct way to build a team is from the inside out.

Football is won or lost in the trenches. The Dallas defensive line is crying out for a young violent 1 tech. The offensive line lacks depth.

No matter what. The Dallas Cowboys have shown us, no matter the need, they will target the best player over need. I think this will remain their mantra. As well, it should. Talent will always find its way onto the football field.

In this 7-round mock draft, the Dallas Cowboys go out to build a bully

I am excited to see the west coast offense. I have always felt like it would benefit Dak Prescott instead of whatever offensive scheme Scott Linehan, Jason Garrett, Kellen Moore was rolling out for the last decade.

Akoye Media has two fantastic NFL Films Breakdowns on Brian Schottenheimer. One detailing the passing concepts and ideas. One detailing the running concepts and ideas. Both are great.

This will give us a clearer picture of what the future holds for the Cowboys’ offense. Do yourself a favor and click on the links above.

It was worth your time checking out. I recommend you subscribe to Akoye Media. There is a library of Dallas Cowboys high quality video content.

Cowboys Nation better prepare themselves to expect the unexpected. The Dallas Cowboys are making moves. This is upcoming draft will not change from their core values.

Mike McCarthy has plans on building an NFL heavyweight. Dallas could be one draft class away from mission accomplished. This could be that class.

I believe the McCarthy regime will continue to target the meanest bullies on the block. I am going to do the same in Mock Draft 2.0. Let’s attempt to draft some legit bullies and game wreckers.

No one can predict how the draft will fall until the night it unfolds. Be open-minded to all possibilities.

Dallas are displaying a greater sense of urgency with the recent trades. Yet they are not sacrificing their future, either. Which is smart. This year I don’t get the feeling they will draft a Nahshon Wright type of player. One that needs serious development.

Enough chatter.

Let’s get to it and do a 7-round mock draft for the Dallas Cowboys using Pro Football Network’s draft simulator.