Dallas Cowboys Draft: Meet RB Deuce Vaughn, Kansas State

Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

Now that Ezekiel Elliott was escorted out the building, the Dallas Cowboys have opened the door to the possibility of drafting a running back.  The signing of Ronald Jones shouldn’t preclude them from adding more talent in the draft. He’s competing for the backup role behind Tony Pollard who’s on a 1-year deal himself. I may be a bit risk adverse, but I wouldn’t be content with those moves for a team so close to their Super Bowl aspirations.

The positive side of things is the fact that the position isn’t costly and there is an abundance of talent to choose from. The Dallas Cowboys will be able to target different areas to find a replacement back for Ezekiel Elliott. Probably the most sensible choice would be to target a running back in the NFL draft. If they decide to go that route, Deuce Vaughn would definitely add to a different element to this team.

For the first time in seven years, the Dallas Cowboys will have a new running back rotation for a full season and there will definitely be an adjustment period.

Vaughn stands at 5-foot-5 and 179 pounds soaking wet. I know what everyone is thinking – he does not fit the running back profile that the Dallas Cowboys are normally attracted to. But he is so darn fun to watch. Imagining him in a Dallas Cowboys uniform gives thoughts of a smaller Emmitt Smith. He is effective running between the tackles, catching the ball out of the backfield and making things happen in space.

There were other running backs in this draft that will have better analytical grades and have better statistical numbers. But this kid loves hitting his head on the goal post. 34 rushing touchdowns over the last three seasons is nothing to scoff at. His 1561 rushing yards on 291 carries last year was outstanding. He wasn’t on a team that was loaded with offensive talent. He played for Kansas State, but he was still able to show why he was such a dangerous weapon.

What can Deuce Vaughn bring to the Dallas Cowboys? What he can do for this team is contingent on how much the front office believes in Kevontae Turpin. Would it be an efficient use of roster space if you have a backup running back who can also handle the return duties? I’m not completely ready to give up on Turpin but I do believe roster spots will be difficult to come by.

The Cowboys are not overhauling the entire playbook but the parts of the west coast offense that they are installing will need players that can make something happen in space. I mentioned earlier of his receiving abilities. He hauled in 117 receptions over the last three years.

If you allow me to be General Manager for a day, I’m looking for playmakers. I’m looking for individuals who are accustomed to being difference makers in big time games. However, the Dallas Cowboys may not even need to use a draft pick on this player. Many mock drafts are not even considering him a draftable player. If he slips past the seven rounds, I’m confident Will McClay and team will do their due diligence.