Dallas Mavericks: April Showers or April Fools? What’s next?

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The Dallas Mavericks are on the verge of doing the unthinkable. Last season, the team went on a deep playoff run advancing to the Western Conference finals, fast forward to this season and Dallas is a couple losses from missing out on the playoffs all together.

So what will April bring for the Dallas Mavericks? Could a comeback be in the works or will showers destroy their hopes?

Right now Dallas’ best case scenario is making the play-in tournament. At best, the team will be a 9th or 10th seed. Assuming that happenings, Dallas would then have to win two games just to be the eight seed in the West.

However, the Dallas Mavericks need help, and they need it now.

Here are some scenarios to keep in mind:

Now, don’t count a possible 7th or 8th seed either.

 So what’s next?

Well for starters Dallas must take care of business.

In their next five games the team plays two road games against the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks. Both teams are vying for the seventh and eight spot in the East. While they do have a chance at sixth, being a top the play in round is their best shot.

Realistically, they are going to give Dallas a run for their money. Against Miami, the Dallas Mavericks might struggle trying to contain big man Bam Adebayo. For starters, the Heat center is averaging 20.7 points a game and 9.7 rebounds. The team will need JaVale McGee and Christian Wood to be on their “A” game if they hope to stand a chance.

As for Atlanta, they are coming a 3-2 record over their last five games. In their last game, they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by two, as their backcourt of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray combined for 45 points. Dallas will need their role players to step up to the plate and knock down open shots when called upon.

Honestly, I could see the team going 1-1 down this road stretch.

After this though, the Mavs final three games are at homes against the Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs.

The Kings will be looking to be build upon their stretch as their recent victories have come against the Phoenix Suns, and Portland Trailblazers. This will be Dallas toughest game.

In their second to last game, the Mavericks will host a desperate Bulls trying for a play in spot. This is one game I think Dallas can pull away with. Out scoring the Bulls in the paint will be the first step.

Then, the team will close out the season against the Spurs. A game that could spell “upset.” I see the team winning their final game though, as Dallas acts desperate. All that’s left will be, did they get the help they need.

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Assuming that the Dallas Mavericks finish with a 3-2 record to close out the year, it might not be enough. 4-1 might better, Now 5-0 could work.

It’s desperation time in Dallas. Let’s just hope the Mavericks know that, or else April showers will be coming to Mavs nation.