Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: 5 first round possibilities at 26

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Rd1:26 the Dallas Cowboys select…

Bijan Robinson, RB

This isn’t the plan. The Dallas Cowboys don’t want to draft Bijan Robinson in a class that’s littered with RB talent because they know they can find an extremely good alternative as late as Day 3. But that’s the same way most teams are looking at this situation which indicates Robinson may indeed fall to 26 and the Cowboys may indeed see him as too special to pass up.

As long as the Dallas Cowboys don’t extend Tony Pollard between now and draft day, this is very much a possibility. Even though the Cowboys likely learned their lesson at value and replaceablility at the RB position, drafting a high end prospect like Robinson late in the first round would be a safe and inexpensive solution to the RB position for the next half-decade.

At 6-foot, 220 pounds, Robinson is the total package. His 39% missed tackle rate is tied for the best since PFF started charting in 2014. He moves like a small explosive RB but built like a brick house. He has speed, elusiveness, power, and patience.

He can catch the ball in a route downfield, run between the tackles or bounce outside. He can do it all and has no weaknesses.

But this pick isn’t about Bijan, it’s about positional value and opportunity costs. While good running backs can be found much later in the draft, the same can’t be said for offensive tackles, pass-rushers, and cornerbacks.

Picking a RB in the first comes at a cost. Are the Cowboys willing to pay it?