Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: 5 first round possibilities at 26

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Rd1:26 the Dallas Cowboys trade down into the second round…

An idea we floated in our latest 7-round mock draft (linked below) is a trade down scenario. The Dallas Cowboys wheeled and dealed their way through the month of March, perhaps they continue their crafty ways and look to wheel and deal their way through the draft.

Will McDonald/Steve Avila/O’Cyrus Torrance

Some of the early trade down targets they could be looking at could be DE Will McDonald, OG O’Cyrus Torrance, of OG Steve Avila. Torrance, generally regarded as the top guard in the draft, could be off the board but the other two prospects should be available anywhere in the 30-40 range.

Trading down would net the Dallas Cowboys an extra pick in the top-100 and give them one more dart to throw at the board, increasing their hopes of success. If the Cowboys traded back further they may be able to add another top-100 pick in 2024 (they don’t mind looking to the future).

If that’s the case they could be considering TEs Luke Musgrave or the previously mentioned Washington. They could also target any of the fallen DTs (don’t underestimate the need on the IDL) or even LB.

Trading back would give them extra pick(s) and also allow them to be extra opportunistic since they have extra resources to work with.


Last season the Dallas Cowboys played the Tyler Smith pick close to the vest so it’s possible they are honing in on someone else entirely. But there’s smoke around players like Kincaid and McDonald so we shouldn’t overlook that, even if we think better alternatives may exist.

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As visits take place, more will be learned and we can make a new 5 player mock draft report to consider. But for now, the list is set and diversity of options is vast.