Dallas Cowboys Complete 2023 Mock Draft- Dan 4.0

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Round One – Steve Avila – Guard – TCU

The Dallas Cowboys have had a need at left guard for a minute, and while it seems the plan is to rearrange the current line to fill the holes, injuries and consistency are viable reasons for concern. Terrence Steele is coming off an injury and how he will actually be, to the start of the season remains to be seen.

He is a better run blocker than a pass blocker, by quite a bit. Tyron Smith is really good, but he can’t stay healthy. The Cowboys could certainly use help.

Enter Steve Avila into the conversation. Avila is a punishing blocker who is at his best against bull rushers. He does a really good job not allowing defensive linemen to shed him easily which allows him to open up passing and running lanes well.

He does well in tight spaces, which should help him excel in zone schemes. He may need some work on his lateral agility, but against bigger defensive linemen Avila will win more often than not.

Where Avila will struggle early is against twists and stunts as his lateral agility is a touch slow as defenders get to the outside of him. Some of his issues may be coming from the spread-out offenses of the Big 12, so early on he may have more holding calls while he learns and adjusts to what is asked in the NFL. He instantly upgrades the left guard position and could be a long-term answer.

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