Dallas Cowboys Complete 2023 Mock Draft- Dan 4.0

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Round Seven – Max Duggan – Quarterback – TCU

Backup quarterback has been a talk around the Dallas Cowboys all off-season, and while keeping Cooper Rush is a huge boost to this team, there are certainly some that would like to upgrade over him. While I don’t love Duggan overall, he offers some upside and it feels like the Cowboys like him. He does offer mobility at the position which could help him long-term as a backup quarterback.

Duggan is a solid runner who has to be accounted for by defenses when he takes off. He loves to push the ball vertically down the field and allow receivers to make plays. He also shows good short passing throws and can make throws on the run and from different arm angles. Perhaps one of his strongest traits is a really good ball fake.

Duggan does have some issues recognizing defenses and will throw the ball into really poor decisions. When he feels rushed these issues are more prevalent and his ball security is an issue. Since he is not always the most accurate passer, the combination can hurt him when he gets sloppy with footwork. He will need to get better at both decision-making and technical aspects before he could be a starter. There is a lot to like, but there are also some frustrating things about him.

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What the Dallas Cowboys have allowed themselves this year, that they haven’t had recently is an ability to truly pick BPA without a lot of feeling they are leaving a position overly thin. While they do need some help in some areas, they can sit and let the draft come to them as they figure out what they need and who is available. One position that could pop up late is kicker, so while I didn’t draft one here, it is not without question of happening.

I do think the Dallas Cowboys could trade down or up this year as this draft could have some odd runs due to the talent and how it is laid out on boards. If a player like Quentin Johnston falls they could pull the trigger to move up. Conversely, if there are a few good options that fall in the second they could go back a few spots to get an extra pick in the middle of the draft. How other teams see this draft could help or hurt their ability to trade around.

I do think they will still look to add to several positions and possibly look toward the development of players who can take over next year as they decide how to attack upcoming contracts. Very few positions should be seen out of question, except quarterback early of course.

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How they move in the draft on offense could help us all understand how Mike McCarthy wants this offense to look in 2023. With just under a month left until the draft, the boards may change a little, but for now, we let it play out.