Dallas Mavericks: Why Hitting Rock Bottom Might Be Best

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports /

Dallas we have a problem! With two games left in the regular season, the Dallas Mavericks must be perfect and hope for a miracle if they have any shot at the playoffs.

Basically these next two games will be do or die. If Dallas can beat the Chicago Bulls Friday, and  win at home against the San Antonio Spurs, then their might be a chance. With the Oklahoma City Thunder winning Thursday night, the Mavs must win out and hope the Thunder lose on Sunday.

Assuming that happens, it will be an uphill battle. Getting the 10th seed, means Dallas would have to win two games before officially becoming the eight seed.

But is it worth it? Should the Dallas Mavericks risk it all for an uncertain final spot in the West?

When the Mavs traded for Kyrie Irving, the expectation was clear: the Dallas Mavericks will be a playoff contender. Fast forward to now, and those expectations seem out the window.

Injuries, poor shooting, and the lack of defense have halted the team’s plans.

You can point the finger at Luka Doncic and Irving, but the deal is Dallas has no true supporting cast or defense.

For starters look at the team’s roster. Players like Reggie Bullock, Dwight Powell and JaVale McGee have all yet to take that next step for the team.

You see, before coming to the Mavs Bullock was an above 40 percent shooter, who could play defense. Yet since coming to Dallas his offensive numbers have remain stagnant. Over the past two seasons, he has been shooting around 40 percent as whole, and around 37 percent from the three.

Powell too has  not shown any progression. If you recall, last season Powell became an immediate starter for the team. This was something that wasn’t suppose to be permanent though, as other player were suppose to take the realms.

Like it or not, Powell is still the team’s starting center. The problem though: he has yet to be the man Dallas needs him to be. In two seasons as a starter, he has struggled to contain defenders down low, and lacked the ability to be a true dominant presence. His offensive game lacks skills, however at times he has shown flashes being of being a reliable presence.

One of Powell’s replacements, McGee, has yet to evolve into his old form. The reason Dallas signed the 7’0 center was due in part of his veteran presence. Remember, not too long ago he helped the Los Angeles Lakers win a title, and played a role in developing playoff teams like the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns.

Unless the old McGee comes back, Dallas will be looking to solve their big man woes in the offseason. Yes Christian Wood is an option, but he is more of an offensive power forward, rather than a defensive anchor.

So, back to the question before:

No, it is not worth it getting the 10th seed and fighting for a playoff spot. More than likely Dallas is going to get an early exit if they snatch the 10th seed.

The best solution is to let the team hit rock bottom.

Sometimes hitting the lowest point is something needed it order to bounce back.

Next. Dallas Mavericks on the verge of worst case scenario. dark

In this case. missing the playoff with two dominant all-stars would definitely be the definition of hitting rock bottom.

Start from scratch this summer, find consistent shooter and fix the team’s defense.

Unless you want to put the fans through another heartbreak, it is best to start over.

Summer here we come.