Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 high end wide receivers to target early

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Dallas Cowboys Option No. 1

If the Cowboys want a larger more traditional, outside wide receiver, then Quentin Johnston is the first-round option for them. Johnston has seen his stock rise and fall during the work-up to the draft. Watching his tape there are some concerns, but there is also a thought that poor quarterback play had a lot to do with some of the issues. Whether that is the feeling in Dallas is unknown, but there are traits to love.

Size and athleticism are calling cards of Johnston on the outside. While he isn’t the fast, over-the-top, type of wide receiver, he strides well and can make players miss and pick up some chunk yards. More smooth than quick, he does well at the top of routes to break out and create space, but he won’t outrun a lot of people. He highpoints the ball well and is a threat to make some difficult catches.

Where Johnston has seen himself falling due to a lack of deep acceleration and speed. Adding these things into a fairly simple route tree, he could struggle to find separation early in his career as he learns more nuance to his routes. He had some focus drops and will sometimes body-catch, but some may have been issues with quarterback accuracy and decision-making. Johnston being the only bigger receiver with a late first to early second grade, he could go early.