Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 high end wide receivers to target early

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Dallas Cowboys Option No. 2

One of the names that have climbed boards has been Zay Flowers out of Boston College. While Flowers is not a big body on the outside Johnston is, Flowers is better in space with acceleration and speed. Flowers would probably be a slot receiver primarily at the next level, so while he may not help the lack of size for the Cowboys, he can offer mismatches inside or in motion.

Flowers has the suddenness that wins in the NFL if used properly. With the Ball in his hands is where Flowers does the most damage. With quick moves followed by a quick acceleration of speed, he can get upfield quickly for big plays. He has good hands to pull balls off the turf or over-the-shoulder passes which he keeps at speed to the best of his ability. He may need some motion to help him create space due to size, but in the right system Flowers could flourish.

The downside to Flowers is much like many receivers in this class with size. Standing at about 5’9″, and having one of the smaller wingspans, Flowers may be limited to the next level for where he can play and what he is asked to do. There is no doubt he can be a weapon, it’s going to matter if he can get off press consistently and not be out-muscled. He did have some drops and fumbles to think about, but with the ball, he can make plays. He would be another late first middle to an early second player.