Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 high end wide receivers to target early

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Dallas Cowboys: The best of the rest

There are a few guys who could go early, and while we highlighted five of them here, some other names that could be called are Jalin Hyatt out of Tennessee, Josh Downs from North Carolina, and Rashee Rice from SMU. Each offers some different things than the other so it will be what type of receiver the Cowboys covet. Downs will be a slot guy early, Rice will be a more traditional outside player, and Hyatt will give a little of both.

Hyatt has a deep speed that the Cowboys may want, but he has a very poor route tree and may be strictly a deep threat early on. Rice doesn’t have the speed, but his route running is smooth and his hands are steady. Downs has sharp route running ability, but his size will keep him limited at the next level. This class seems to be split up this way quite a bit throughout.

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There are some other names that could be announced throughout the early to middle parts of the draft. This might be a high-floor, low-ceiling class, but that doesn’t mean they can’t contribute and some may need to be a fit more than a pure athletic pick. With only a few weeks left, we wait to see how the Cowboys feel about wide receiver.