Are Dallas Cowboys fans in agreement with the front office’s ideology?

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Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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The Dallas Cowboys broke from their norm

Just when everyone gave up on the Dallas Cowboys ability to add veteran talent, Stephen Jones did the unthinkable and pulled off two significant trades that could go down in franchise history.

The Cowboys surprised everyone when they traded a fifth-rounder to the Indianapolis Colts for former Defensive Player of the Year-defensive back Stephon Gilmore. Stephen upped the ante when he traded a 2023 fifth-round pick and 2024 sixth-round pick to the Houston Texans for wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

While negotiating the  Cooks trade, Stephen fleeced the Texans into paying $6 million of Cooks’ $18 million dollar salary. Stephen followed that trickery by restructuring Cooks’ bonus of $8 million, allowing Cooks to earn a base salary of $4 million in 2023. This move will carry a $6 million cap hit and a dead cap value of $12 million. T

Textbook example of getting played. My Gawd!

Are the fans drinking the Kool-Aid?

This latest move has Dallas fans giving “Cap Boy Jones” and Jerry all of the credit and believing in everything they do. Suddenly, some fans sound just like the Joneses in that they are blaming Dak Prescott’s contract for why Dallas cannot make certain moves or could not make certain ones before. If you need any proof, just go to social media and these fans sound just like the front office they used to soundly resent and critique.