Are Dallas Cowboys fans in agreement with the front office’s ideology?

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Dak Prescott isn’t holding the Dallas Cowboys back

Stephen preached loudly that the Dallas Cowboys could not make strategic moves because Dak’s salary ate up much of the salary cap. Because of Dak, the team was apparently  stuck in neutral, according to him.

At first, most fans disagreed, but te vib has been changing and now many feel as if Dak is overpaid, overrated, and needs to take less money like future Hall of famer Tom Brady was mistakenly credited with.

Instead of extending Dak to an affordable extension back in 2018, the Joneses waited until Dak’s got one year closer to free agency and the QB market ballooned one more step higher. It resulted in him signing a four-year $160 million contract extension in 2021.

Even though Dallas has recently restructured Dak’s contract to save money, some fans look at him as the true culprit of why the team cannot spend money.

Stephen made so much noise about Dak’s money that some fans feel like Dallas can cut Dak and use the money on another quarterback either in the draft or in free agency. You cannot make this stuff up. For example, there was a high percentage of fans believing Cooper Rush deserved to be the starer over Dak. My Gawd!

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Dak’s contract is the most glaring  example of the fans agreeing with the front office. Tyron Smith is a future Hall of Famer and deserves his flowers as one of the best left tackles in NFL history, but the former USC Trojan is long overdue for retirement.

The Joneses believe he is still in his prime, and the fans are regurgitating that nonsense to the fullest extent. No doubt, when healthy, Smith produces, but he is an injury-prone lineman that only holds the team back because of his untimely injuries.

But where Dallas Cowboys fans really sound like the front office is how the money is allocated on certain players. For instance, the Joneses will justify the massive contract signings of former players like Ezekiel Elliott, Jaylon Smith, La’el Collins, and Dalton Schultz. In reality, they could have moved on from all four players earlier for different reasons.

They could have either traded Zeke or let him sit out because they had Pollard waiting in the wings; Smith was a one-season wonder; Collins had character issues, and although Schultz was good, he was not worth franchise tagging as if he was a top tier tight end like Travis Kelce or George Kittle.

Basically, Dallas’ front office wasted $10 million on a player (Schultz) they had no intentions of re-signing to a lengthy contract. That money could have been spent elsewhere. You can do the math and see how much money is saved and put to better use.

In contrast, the Joneses will single out Dak’s contract as holding the franchise hostage like a prisoner of war. As good as Stephen is with saving cap oney, ironically he also misspends it on the wrong players at the wrong times.

But the Joneses have the fans parroting their messages.

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I will give Stephen his credit for moving in silence and trading for Gilmore and Cooks, two players that make Dallas NFC contenders. Hopefully, this is a new begining in how Stephen conducts his business.

I won’t hold my breath because if Cooks’ contract was a little more expensive Stephen’s taste…well there goes the bargain bin shopping for an elite wide receiver!

And neither should you. But in the meantime, we can all take pleasure and laugh at our fellow Dallas Cowboys fans who are now drinking that good ole sugary, blue/silver Kook-Aid that Jerry and Stephen Jones are serving at AT&T Stadium (Smile). I heard it tastes delicious.

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